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Uday Kiran Death News. Real Fact Unknown truth about Uday Kiran. Young Telugu hero suicide news shocking everyone. Uday Kiran born on 26 June 1980. He acted around 21 films in Telugu languages. 2 films in Kannada language also. he received Filmfare award and First debut hero got three Hat-trick hits with Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu, Manasantha nuvve Telugu movies. achieve many success in his career.

Uday Kiran Death Mystery. Shocking News Interesting Unknown Truth Facts

Uday Kiran received Filmfare award for Nuvvu Nenu movie in 2001. He acted in Tamil language also name as Poi. Kiran Committed suicide on 5th January 2014 at his own house, Srinagar Colony, Punjagutta. Rumors are Chiranjeevi is reason for Uday Kiran’s death. but it totally false news. Always Uday Kiran maintains good relationship with Mega Family. due to some reason Uday engagement canceled with Chiranjeevi first daughter. After 7 Years he falls down and faced many financial problems.

D Ramanaidu, Dasari Narayana Rao, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Tammareddy Bharadwaja main people support is very well. Uday Kiran fans are raised slogans against Chiranjeevi and mega family. According to media reports Our Telugu film industry divided as Two castes. Kamma and kapu. Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna top heroes also supported for issues. they do not allow growth other caste persons in Telugu film industry. But it was fake news said by Kiran’s wife Vishita. At last day Vishita went go for Family functions rushed to the flat after he did not respond to her mobile phone calls For Uday Kiran death mystery.

When I was in Goa for a shoot, Uday told me that he was going to marry Vishitha. They exchanged rings in Goa. I called a few friends and we all celebrated there

He used to say that he was settled in life and had a good wife. She is a very nice girl and always cooperated with Uday. I have often eaten at their place and both always seemed very happy and Uday always complimented her cooking. – – Allari Naresh, Actor, Comedian

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Edhi Clarity ga Chadavandi !! Uday Kiran gurinchi Allari naresh Maatalu

Before his death, Uday Kiran met me Once. I found him to be a bit disturbed by something. So, I asked him about the reason behind his bad mood. Uday Kiran told that he read an article in the newspaper criticizing a Young Hero for faulty selection of scripts. I asked him why he is he worried when another hero was criticized. He then told me that there was a line in the article saying that Young Hero will meet Uday Kiran’s fate if he doesn’t pick up the right scripts

Champindi Yevaru ? 

Cinema lu hit kakapothe chachchipovala ?
Yevaro okaru baga ebbandi peduthunnaru ani chachchipovala ?

Uday kiran Garu goppa Actor.. Ayana Stories choose chesukovadam lo thappu chesharu ani vinnanu 🙂 kani naku telisi ayana daggariki vachina stories ye chala thakkuva ani nenu anukuntunnanu.. Actor Shivaji ( Tata birla madhyalo laila hero), Varun sandesh, Epudu stylish econ ina Jagapati Babu garu okappudu failure chusina valle… kani epudu Andaru yedo okati field lo set ipoyina valle.. time anedi constant ga undadhu 😐 Change avuthu untundi. evala bad time.. repu good time.. so deni gurinchi worry kakudadhu.. deni gurinchi over thinking cheyakudadhu (think)

Uday Kiran bangaram lanti jivitham.. chala prematho pelli chesukunnadu.. ayana chanipoyi sargam lo unnadu.. ekkada bhoomi midha undi kuda valla wife narakam chusthundi. prathi question ku answer untundi, prathi problem ku solution untundi. suicide anedi oka way kadhu, ni probelm ku best solution kadhu. please suicide ane alochana lu maneyandi.. friends

Naku personal ga okati anipisthundi.

Miku nijam ga probelms unte… miku suicide hey dikku ani anipisthe… mi pocket lo unna mobile phone ammeshi.. vachina money tho ARMY lo join avvandi. Mi Brathuku miku avasaram lekunna. e deshaniki avasaram undi.. ( Edhi Chachchipovadame dikku second thought ledhu anukune vallaku)

Mi Problem ku 1000 La solutions unnayi..

Kani mana media Uday Kiran suicide gurinchi cheppedi yenti ante

dfvTelugu film industry lo… caste feelings unnayo ledo teliyadu kani.. Uday kiran chanipoyindi matram aa Reason kadhu kavachu. Ayanaku Hits leka 7 Years brathikadu.. vere business pyna kuda focus cheyadam start chesadu.

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