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10000 Telugu People Arrested In Kuwait Some Issues

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Telugu People Arrested in Kuwait:

Telugu people arrested in Kuwait for Visa and work permit issues nearly 10,000 people arrested according to latest news. Kuwait Telugu People who are working in the country have been arrested for violating the covenant of living. From a couple of years, many people are showing interest to go to foreign countries for earning money to fulfill their dreams.


The government of Kuwait has taken a hard decision on Indian workers and most of them belong to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Approximately, Kuwait Security forces have been arrested 10, 000 Kuwait Telugu People and it has been continuing now also.

The reason behind of arresting AP and Telangana people or Indian people in Kuwait is that they have not VISA and Work Permit. Till now, approximately, 17, 000 Indians have been arrested and among them, 10, 000 Andhra Pradesh and Telangana people were there.

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