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2 Suspected Men were Arrested in Geneva, Switzerland with Explosive Traces in Car

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2 Suspected Men were Arrested  in Geneva, Switzerland with Explosive Traces in Car:

Geneva: Swiss television said Two men were arrested in geneva Switzerland on Friday “Traces of explosives were found in their car.”,as the city remained on high alert due to increased threat of militants.

The police have been searching for the 4 suspected militants since Wednesday. The information will be provided by a foreign intelligence agency.


Swiss media and Reuters have reported that authorities are looking for four men in Geneva this week.

Swiss television said a van with Belgian plates and two men entered Switzerland from France via the Jura mountains on Tuesday and went back to France after a few hours.

Geneva officials were not immediately available to comment, but a source close to the case told Reuters that two men had been arrested, without giving any details.

Swiss checkpoint-2015

The four men, whose photographs are being shown on Swiss media, are accused of links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Geneva police officials raised its alert level due to the threat of militants to three on a five-point scale on Thursday. Sensitive locations in geneva were filled with armed police across the westren city, which is the home to the United Nations’ European headquarters.

Geneva is almost entirely enclosed by France, a country still reeling from the militant attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris last month.

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