3 Facebook Messenger Tricks Magic Games, Secret Chat That you should know

Facebook Messenger Trick unknown secret black tricks that you should know really helps to know more about most used popular messenger. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger now ruling social media texting industry. special hangout to know much more about Facebook safe tricks.

Facebook Messenger Tricks Unknown New Features Magic Games

Facebook messenger to communicate with all friends, family members easily. Recently facebook added so many features also group decision special mention tag, retweet sharing, taking vote upvote, downvote button on group discussions. 80% Android operating system users actively using WhatsApp messenger. on this list facebook stood at 2nd second place.

latest version features added specification of the messenger app on your platform android device. forward text, backward steps erase, edit options on groups. Facebook now provided polls, quiz type questions in group chats. your poll will appear in the messenger conversation. this feature now available on twitter only. you can check twitter cirlce include facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger app tricks unknown service features send Flash messages receives secret messages from special person. it will be protect your conversation from being more confidential. To more secure and prevent hacking issues intercepts data information in FB Chat list. secret rooms now designed with end to end encryption extended service communication pathway to thers. End-End encryption feature must try every one. Secret Rooms, Secret Conversations, Dark night chat room. Tap Secret conversation option.

Facebook Play Games on Messenger another option is Play games with Friends. instead of playing online games alone challenge a friend or family members to game of chess, Rally , 8 Ball pool, Teen Patti online games Play and enjoy with friends. Add your favourite game. bookmark and save it personal game list. If Basket ball is your fav. game then save it and share to all friends. Then, tap the basketball emoji in the chat log to start the game with your friends.

Facebook Messenger New features HD Voice call and increase quality and clear bugs into Video call feature. now you can enjoy with any interpution. Whatsapp, facebook now coming up few similaties into next services. to Experienced new service Messenger apps just update your app through google play store. it new features available on IOS Devices Also. Facebook live video now working perfect without any negative marks. lets wait for some debugs and Facebook live video slow errors negative reviews, remarks.


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