5 Best Tips to cut down your mobile data bill and save your money…

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5 Best Tips to cut down your mobile data bill and save your money…

Mostly Everyone using smartphones in this Generation. The cost of  Smartphone will be huge at this time smartphone running up Huge mobile data usage bill. So obviously your budget is out of control, Here are a few simple tips to reduce mobile data usage and also save your money.What’s more, you won’t just save money by reducing 3G or 4G mobile data usage, but will also use less of our battery as a bonus.

1. Schedule app updates over Wi-Fi:

When App updates happen over your mobile cellular data. If you can open the browser the home page can become slow.The continued data heats ur mobile battery and also heats up your smartphone.this is preventing you can choose some simple tip on both Android and iOS.Auto Update apps on Wi-Fi can help reduce your mobile data usage, and make a big impact on overall bandwidth savings. Check if you have this setting enabled.

Check out How to setup Scheduled app updates over Wi-fi only.

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On Android:
1.Open the Play Store app.
2.Tap the menu button in the top left.
3.Go to Settings. Under “General”.
4.Tap on Auto-update apps.
5.Select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

On iOS:
1.Tap on Settings
2.Click iTunes & App Store,
3.Scroll down and turn off the Use Mobile Data toggle to make your phone does automatic updates on Wi-Fi only.

2.Disable Wi-Fi Assist:

A new iOS 9 setting Wi-Fi Assist is enabled by default, Disabled wi-fi assist is disabled can save your mobile data usage and save money.A poor wi-fi connection is available Wi-fi assist is an automatically switch to cellular data.

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Check out how to set disable wi-fi Hotspot

Settings>Cellular> tapping on Wi-Fi Assist.

3.Enable Data Compression While Browsing.

Data Saver Feature is available every major computing platform like chrome. Google server reduce the data by enabled this data saver option. Data saving option is depending on mainly which type of content you’re accessing.You enabled this option Google claims and you can save up to 50 percent of data by enabling the feature, by tapping on Settings > Data Saver.

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This feature also available in Opers’s suite of web browsers which is built in this web browsers. Opera and Opera Mini.

Check how to setup Enable data compression in Opera suite Browsers

1.Opera Browser
In Opera, You can just adjust the image quality and enable video compression mode.
2.Opera Mini give a choice to the user between High or Extreme compressions mode.

UC Browser also introduced Data compression in this year.

4.Disable media auto-download for WhatsApp:

Whatsapp can into a major Bandwidth with auto download turn can disable media auto-download save your data usage.Disable this option you can toggle the settings to disable auto-download for images over cellular or Wi-Fi for audio and videos sent by your contacts and groups.

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5.Disable auto-play on Facebook and Twitter:

You’re a heavy social media user, In social media platform especially in Facebook and Twitter videos are auto playing. Disabling autoplay of videos on both of these social media platforms you can reduce your data usage.

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Check Out How to Setup Disabled auto-play on FB, WhatsApp

1) Go to Facebook’s video settings page when you are logged into your Facebook account.

2) Click the button to the right of Autoplay Videos and choose Off from the drop-down menu.

If you are using the Facebook app for Android, use the following steps to stop Facebook videos from auto-playing:

1) Tap the three horizontal lines icon.

2) Scroll down and tap App Settings.

3) Tap Video Auto-play.

4) Tap Off to stop videos from automatically playing, or Wi-fi only if it’s okay for videos to autoplay when you are on Wi-Fi.

Do you have any other ideas on saving your phone’s bandwidth? Sound off in the comments below.


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