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A Woman from Hyderabad Suspected ISIS Links Kept Under Surveillance..

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NewDelhi: A women from Hyderabad has been kept under surveillance for her suspected links with ISIS.Mohammed Sirazudin, executive of Indian oil corporation was arrested in the suspected links with ISIS the woman was allegedly in touch with Mohammad Sirazudin. So the woman taken into custody officials said.


The woman age of 20 years which is deeply influenced by the activities of ISIS.she was in regular touch in online with sympathisers of the terrorist group.She is under surveillance but efforts are on to de-radicalise her with the help of family and community leaders,” a security official said.

Mohammad Sirazudin from Gulbarga in Karnataka, the arrested executive of Indian oil corporation had formed a closed group of sympathisers on facebook and WhatsApp. Including the Hyderabad woman and two men from Maharashtra.He spreading the ISIS activities Online and trying to recruit the Indians in the Middle east terrorist group.

Sirazudin, who is from Gulbarga in Karnataka, taken into custody he was accused of encouraging people for joining ISIS activities, police officials said.

The Special Operation Group (SOG) and Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Rajasthan Police arrested Sirazudin, the marketing manager of IOC, from Jaipur yesterday.No of ISIS Issues and pictures, videos of Online magazine” Dabik” collected from Sirazudin

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