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After Failing IAS Man Attacks His Parents and 20 Others With Sword, Short Dead By Cops….

KARIMNAGAR: When 28-year-old was shot dead by police after he went berserk on the streets of Karimnagar early on Tuesday morning, attacking his parents and several others with a sword. the man was identified by the police name as Balvinder Singh got into an argument with his parents this morning, he grabbed a sword hanging on their living room wall and attacked them. After that, He went on the road and 20 more people attacked by him before he was shot dead near his home in Telangana’s Karimnagar.

Balvinder, a meritorious student worked as an electronics engineer at oracle in Bangalore, was reportedly depressed after he failed to crack the civil service exams.

According to the police officials, At around 6.30 am, he had a fight with his parents and attacked them. His father, a school bus driver, was injured on his head and his mother, a teacher, was stabbed in the abdomen.

He chased a boy of elder couple ran out of their third floor home Scared and injured.

After leaving his parents unconscious and lying in blood, Balvinder started attacking passers-by and kept lunging at different people for 45 minutes, leaving a trail of blood spots over an area between 500 metres to one km.

He first ran after an auto-driver with school children, then a black-robed “Ayappa” devotee and a biker. Someone called the police and a constable came to the spot.

He then attacked all pedestrians who attempted to stop him. A resident of the colony called the police and reported the incident.

On receiving information, Karimnagar I town Inspector J Vijayasaradhi along with two constables U Mallaiaah and Md Ali rushed to the spot.

one of the constables tried to overpower Balvinder, his little finger chopped off.

Another policeman arrived but when his weapon fell, Balvinder picked it up. That is when the constable shot him. He died in a local hospital.

Avtar Singh, Balvinder’s father told the police that he had been “acting strange” in the past month and was even taken to hospital for psychiatric treatment.

Rama Rao, Deputy Superintendent of Police. “He was under depression as he couldn’t get into civil services,” said.

Balvinder earned Rs. 18 lakh annually and was described as a meritorious student throughout.

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