Arnab Goswami Resigns From Timesnow Behind Reasons Reports

Arnab Goswami Resigns from Times now no more prime time news Hours on television. Sudden move from Arnab Goswami. very popular anchor fearless editor popular in debut Arnab Goswami has just resigned from Times Now Television Network is losing the Editor of its flagship news and business news channels hyping with his words Times Television Network is still in the process of announcing Goswami’s replacement. we have wait to official confirmation and next step Officially announces resignation from Times Now

Arnab Goswami Resigns From Times now Behind Reasons

According to The News Minute, Goswami in an editorial meeting on Tuesday announced that he has resigned. Though the reason for his resignation is not known yet, according to the report his team has been informed that he would be starting a venture of his own and will continue in television.

Goswami was given complete editorial freedom by the Times Group he seeking to start new business Check reactions and reports Online business channel ET Now announced his resignation today morning. Goswami has been with the channel for over a decade now and has overseen its rise to the top English news channel.

Goswami started carrer in the telegraph at 1992 after moved to NDTV in 1995. changed many roles in department now settled in Editor in chief role 2006. Criticised for shocking judgemental on news hours. Check behind reason unknown facts about resign. Goswami has been among the media pioneers that have not shied away in admitting to disturbance by testing decorums or standards.

Goswami hosted Frankly Speaking with Arnab. Interview based show update with succuedded with shocking headlines week after week. Goswami first journalist from english television news media interview from prime minister Narendra modi. he organised many debut issues ranging from award wapsi, intolerance. His style unique anchoing for shows are very popular.

Arnab Goswami Resigns Shocking Unknown Behind Facts True Reasons

According to reports, Goswami is now looking to start a new business venture with himself at the helm. It would remain interesting to see how he performs with in the entrepreneurial avatar Goswami used to host Newshour debate on Times Now at 9 PM very popular hosting personality from India. Nobody knows yet about his future move but there have been rumours that Arnab may launch his own channel with the support of top corporate houses owing allegiance to the Centre’s BJP government.


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