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Arvind Kejriwal Attacks PM Modi After Raiding of CBI, Calls” PM Modi Psychopath “

Arvind Kejriwal Attacks PM Modi After Raiding of CBI calls” PM Modi Psychopath “

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted this morning on twitter “my office had been raided by the CBI and directed by an extraordinarily sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he calling him this is a “coward and psychopath” way.

Aam Aadmi Party claims that officials have been Doing not entering the Chief Minister’s office on the third floor of the Delhi Secretariat and the CBI hasn’t given any reason to the Delhi Government Officials before searching the chief minister office which is on the third floor in Delhi secretariat.

The CBI raiding the Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal’s office and claims that it was searching the office and home of a senior bureaucrat in the Chief Minister’s team. Mr.Rajender Kumar, Secretary of principle accused of corruption in computer purchases. Kejriwal said, “He is a one of most trusted officers”.

As political outrage or issue over the raid reached the Parliament, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha: “No one  entered into Kejriwal’s room from the CBI, the case is not connected to his tenure. The search is against an officer Rajendra Kumar Principle secretary  his is a accused of corruption in computer purchases.

Mr Kejriwal refused to buy the statement ofFinanace Minister Arun Jaitley was Lying and Kejriwal calling Rajender Kumar “one of my most trusted officers”. and He questioned to the CBI “why CBI never informed the Delhi government before searching the floor of the Chief Minister’s office”.

Kejriwal asked a question to CBI and BJP “My question had Rajender not been my secretary, then wud he have been raided? No. Then who is the target- Rajender or me?.

“CBI also lying. My own office raided. Files of CM office are being looked into. Let tell me Modi say which file he wants?” Mr Kejriwal tweeted, adding that “Rajender is an excuse.”

BJP called Mr Kejriwal’s attack on the PM this is “abominable”. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said, “CBI doing its work properly and not fair to blame the government. It has become a fashion to everyone blame the PM for everything.”

AAP has declared war on the Centre.

AAP leader Ashish Khetan said, “This is an undeclared state of emergency. The Modi government wants to turn our country into a police state where there are no civil rights,” said.

Since Mr Kejriwal’s party took power in February after winning a massive mandate in Delhi, it has been locked in a running feud with the central government over the control of important functions in Delhi like law and order, police and land.

Mamata Banerjee Said About Raiding of CBI Sealing of a Chief Minister’s office is unprecedented. I am shocked @ArvindKejriwal

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