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Automation Drive Effects 300 Employees in Food Panda

Automation Drive Effects 300 Employees in  Food Panda 

New Delhi: Online food ordering and delivery firm Foodpanda India has laid off 15 percent its employees, totaling close to 300, as it focuses on automation to streamline its operations.

A company spokesperson said, “The company has reduced overall workforce by 15 per cent, that is around 300 employees,”.

“… Foodpanda has managed to reduce manual intervention and achieved about 98 percent automation rate in order processing. Foodpanda has, therefore, reduced the overall workforce by about 15 percent,” the company said in an e-mailed response.

The company is eyeing profitability in India, as it continues to focus on technological innovations combined with adjustments to its business model.

“While we continued to invest in processes and technology, we also had to take some difficult decisions. But we believe them to be necessary steps on our path to becoming sustainable and profitable within the targeted timeline.” Foodpanda India CEO Saurabh Kochhar said.

He also said, “We also reduced our workforce across a few departments.” Foodpanda, at the present moment, has menus from over 12,000 restaurants across over 200 cities in India available on its app and the website.


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