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BJP Manifest Released: 5000 Scootys to Inter Topper Girls Every Year

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BJP is back in Bihar with good old populism. BJP party manifesto was released on Thursday. the party will give sops to all society people in Bihar mostly women, youth and farmers.
If Nitish Kumar thought his government (part of it was in alliance with the BJP) was still attractive to young girls and their parents in the state,In this manifest BJP gives a promise to the women. if it comes to power the party will give 5000 scootys every year to the girls who are getting merit marks in the intermediate exams.
The idea is scootys or more than anything which attracts all sections of society women in Bihar.As a popular catch line of an ad done by Priyanka Chopra says, “why should boys have all the fun?”


The meritorious girls are going fun with the scooty then boys don’t disappoint.Because the BJP is promising 50000 laptops to the merit students based on class 12 marks. The idea which can helpful in Narendra modi Digital India thought.Meritorious students would include girls also.

The Samajwadi Party had been very successful with the free laptop idea to young BJP to follow this idea to get power in Bihar.

Another kind of idea from BJP promise to the Bihar people gives the interest-free loans to the farmers for the agricultural purposes.The party was not promising any type of loan waiver but going a step forward of loans on lower or nominal rate interests.
The state BJP has taken another cue from Narendra Modi’s successful power supply measures in Gujarat – 24 hours electricity supply in all parts of the state, all rural areas included by December 2016. Like Modi had done in Gujarat, there would be two power feeder supply – one for domestic consumption and another for farming purposes.
The BJP is using the Gujarat model to the hilt and adding some innovative touches to make it appear fresh  in Bihar.


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