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Bomb Attack in Bangladesh Six People injured in Hindu Religious Gathering Ceremony.

Bomb Attack in Bangladesh: Six people were Injured on a Hindu gathering Ceremony

Bomb Attack in Bangladesh at least six people were injured, three in a critical condition. A police official said after a series of bomb blasts on Saturday at a Hindu religious gathering in north Bangladesh.

Abdul Mazid, the officer-in-charge of Kahala police station, said the latest incident happened in gathering Hundred of devotees attended a Hindu religious ceremony known as “Rushmela” Dinajpur District 415 km away from north of the capital Bangladesh.

The attack follows the shooting and wounding of an Italian doctor working in the same region last month and the earlier murders of an Italian and a Japanese citizen in separate attacks claimed by Islamic State.

Officer said:  Bomb attacks on Hindu religious gatherings are rare in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.  the country has suffered a rising tide of Islamist violence over the past year. Five people had been arrested for interrogation.

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