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CCTV Footage of Engineering Student Fell Down From Hostel, Hyderabad

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A shocking incident was occurred in Hyderabad today. i.e. Engineering (B.Tech) student fell down from hostel building in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad. a 19-year-old engineering student died today after he “accidentally” fell from a three-floor hostel while attempting to jump to an adjacent building in Hyedrabad’s Petbasheerabad area, police said. Regional TV channels aired CCTV footage showing Sai “unsuccessfully” trying to cross over to another building and falling down from the building. Check out the Live CCTV Footage of Hyderabad B.Tech Student fell down from hostel building in below article. “Sai’s friend had crossed over by leaping to the adjoining building, but for Sai it was unfortunate. As per preliminary investigation, it was a habitual practice for some of students to jump to adjacent buildings (hostels). But it seems it was the first time that Sai had tried such an act,” the officer said.

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Watch CCTV Footage then What Happen:

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