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College Students Caught Red Handed in Public Security Recorded Camera at Park area

College Students Medical and Engineering students caught red handed On time. this video goes viral on internet. Parking space on violent over terms and conditions near Visakhapatnam area. Caught On Camera Near University area. This Video Picture clearly shows Couple performance on Time. make more beautiful and video makes us very climate sentimental and more beautiful shocks everyone.

The security Purpose camera recording equipment Organised well for prevent illegal issues and tampering with Unnessarary information. Access through Mobile iD. Tracked every IP Address for safe we browsing on Safety and security terms community Changes Property on Terms online. Policy Conditions on Terms high security for college students

Secret Camera systems for Observe and record public areas near the college to prevent litigating issues security camera Equipment may be used in Compliance with this policy issues. Safety and security terms College community and its property feel as right. Check CCTV Camera Purpose of this policy

Safety and Security Camera Acceptable use Policy conditions for college issues regarding all information about Issues on Time. a surveillance camera in park areas and Zonal places near all circulated zones which have been created by Management service.

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