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Delhi Government Odd Even Rule: Chetan Bhagat Gets Trolled again on Twitter..

NEW DELHI: Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat’s spat with Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter today. Because of debate on the odd-even formula to be enforced in Delhi from the New Year.

The Aam Aadmi Party recently announced the odd-even rule in Delhi because of Traffic control and Pollution in Delhi which is being well received by some people and criticized by the others. Aravind Kejriwal the Delhi state chief minister announced later Women have been exempted from the rule and this hasn’t gone down well with India’s popular author Chetan Bhagat. The odd-even rule doesn’t apply to the women citizens of the capital, keeping in mind their safety. But Chetan has been fuming about this fact and even took to Twitter to vent his anger.

He said in a post on twitter who slammed the Central government for ‘growing instances of intolerance’ in the country. In a post on Twitter, he wrote “What do historians do? I am genuinely curious. This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Ok work done for the day.”

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