This Doctor Doesn’t Charge 1 Rupee if it’s a Girl Child ! Free Medicine

Dr. Ganesh Rakh, Pune based doctor. well heart kind person. Dr Ganesh Rakh’s father was a laborer. he comes from low stage. he knows pain. he is not charge single paisa if a Girl Child Is Born in his Hospital. If there feel happy to give something smoothly denied. he was inspiring doctor successful doctor. Most of people worried about whether its a boy or girl.

Dr. Rakh has been praised and awarded at various events and functions. received many awards wins many million of heart. his inspiring story was super. His presence is considered auspicious and he is warmly welcomed everywhere he goes. his passion and his work dedication now stands at top place. he has started campaign also around 3000 doctors and medical team members supported him.

Cause of fighting social biases and prejudices against the girl child. every mother and family members tensed during the nine months of pregnancy, the pressure or preference to have a boy is there. no partiality between boy or girl. we have to change our mindset need to mature to show equality.

Dr Rakh says he has asked 5,000 doctors across the country to imitate his initiative and not charge for the delivery of a girl. most of doctors agreed and now working with expecting single penny. campaign for girl child. provides best treatment high class medicine for women’s during pregancy time. as per sources information In the year 2007, he set up a 25-bed Medicare General and Maternity Hospital in the Hadapsar suburb of Pune. local politicians helps to enlarge services.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh Interview (Video )

After reading media reports about my work, I was contacted by nearly 17-18 gram panchayats and hundreds of doctors who have not only promised to stop sex determination tests and abortions but welcome girl children by motivating families
Dr Rakh
Source: DNA

The intent of starting the hospital was to help the underprivileged patients. with girl blessings Today his hospital has grown, and so has the intensity of his work. Medicare Hospital has a dedicated space for this campaign ‘Save the Girl Child’ Dr. Ganesh Rakh Pune.


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