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Happy Engineers Day wishes, Greetings Funny Whatsapp Status Inspiring Quotes Images HD Wallpapers available here only Just forward wishes to your Friends, Classmates, Co-Engineers. Before celebrate festival better to know History of Engineers day. It is celebrated in india. Engineers Day will be celebrated in different countries at different dates. As USA, UAE, Canada, London peoples also Celebrated engineers day date differ from India. it is celebrated on September 15, 2016 In India. Every year, September 15 – the birthday of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya is observed as the Engineers’ Day in India Significant of Engineers Day Celebration in India

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Engineer’s Day is celebrated on 15 September every year as a tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Visvevaraya Garu. he is Bharat Ratna Holder also. He was born on Sept. 15, 1860. Visvesvaraya served as the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad, as well as the chief engineer responsible for the construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore. Inverted/Designed many Plans implemented many Different project in his career. So on that Day Because of Visvevaraya Birthday we celebrated engineers day Grand manner.

Happy Engineers day Wishes, Quotes, Images, Scraps, Animations 3D, Posters. Engineering day Wishes, Engineers day SMS Messages HD Free Download For Mobiles HD Images For desktop also available Here. Visvesvaraya played a key role in developing a system to protect Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion. He held a degree in Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune.

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Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing. — Henry Petroski, American engineer

Architecture begins where engineering ends. — Walter Gropius, German architect.

Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail. – Henry Petroski, American engineer

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Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing”.Happy Engineers Day 2016.

I’m Proud be an Engineers. We Don’t Study whole year. Over Night Studying giving Much Knowledge than Daily Study.

We are Cheaters, but we don’t cheat Humanity! We hate Study, but we love Technology! We flirt with flirters, but we are lovers!! Happy Engineers Day 2016

Only Engineers Sacrificed Over Nights, Foods. Simple Called Saints. Happy Engineers Day

If you throw a stone at a busy road in India, it will either hit a dog or an engineer. Jokes apart, wishing you Happy Engineers’ Day.

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We build the world (Civil Engineer.)
We build the magic world (Computer Engineer)
We connect the world (Electronics & Communication Engineer.)
We are the powers of world (Electrical Engineer)
We move the world (Mechanical Engineer)
Proud be an Engineer ! Happy Engineers Day

Centuries ago people who sacrificed their sleep, food, laughter & other joys of life were called “SAINTS” Now they are called ENGINEERS

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mount of money spent in photocopies over the span of four years will be sufficient to buy a brand new Xerox Machine

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Father: I have 4 sons, 1st son is Mechanical Engineer, 2nd son is Civil Engineer, 3rd son is Chemical Engineer and 4th son is Thief.

Neighbour: Why don’t you throw your 4th son out of the house?

Father: He is the only one EARNING in the house, rest are jobless!!!

You can be a Doctor and save lives…
You can be a Lawyer and defend lives…
You can be a Soldier and protect lives…
But why to play with others lives???
So we simply became engineers to screw up our own lives;)
Happy Engineers Day

Wishing A Happy Engineering Day To Civil Engineer

The rule of Engineering Student
The rule of Engineering Student in the Examination
P is inversely Proportional To, where S is constant
P –Pressure on the Brain
T- Number of Days left
S – Syllabus

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Happy Engineers Day Images

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Happy Engineers Day Funny Status

Engineers Day Whatsapp Jokes
Happy Engineers Day Jokes

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Engineering Jokes Happy Engineer’s Day Date 15 September Speech, EssayHappy Engineers Day Images HD History About Happy Engineers DayHappy Engineers Day Whatsapp

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