How To Install New WiFi Router without Disturbance for PC/MAC/Androids

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How To Install New WiFi Router without Interruption/Disturbance.

Hai…,guys now a days WiFi is very common for all Android Mobile users. It’s like the world in your hand with that WiFi only when you use the android mobile. It is free cost while using the Internet for pc/lap, just turn on the WiFi and give the password for it then it access for WiFi.
After accessing the WiFi for your mobile you can browse web, now the latest news, technology, watching and download the movies or songs.
But the main problem is connectivity strenth i.e, signal strength when you go just far away from connectvity. Now we can lead that problem with New WiFi router in your office/house where do you use the wifi properly.



How To Install the WiFi Router in your Office/home.

1. Select the Correct place for Install WiFi Router.
The place should be covarage for all the location of your office/home. Then only it passes the signals at all the directions i.e, it should install at the central of your location. Dont install too much down/up . The signals of the router in Omnidirectional way.

sr10000_WiFi router repeater works

2. Use the Large Antenna.
The router comes with default antenna it is very short, so we to add the external large antenna it gives boostup for the signal strength. Then you can use WiFi in the office/home every where without interruption/disturbance. As well as we can use the booster antenna.


sr10000_WiFi router repeater works


3. Router Software.
After installing the router you have to install the software for it, no one else dont mind it’s software. But it is very helpful for increase your coverrage area and also signal strength.

How to Install the software for Router.
Go for settings choose the software upload option and gives the proper software for it. And the other option is Transmission power if you have increase the transmission power you would improve the WiFi signal strength.

4. Use the WiFi Repeaters.
Use this WiFi Repeaters the signal transmitted and goes in proper way and covarage all the location of office/home. So give the same password like SSID , Security Settings for WiFi Router and Repeater then only they interract with each other. After that configure the IP adress of the router as well ass DHCP settings of the repeater should be keep in switch off mode. Once set the settings repeaters catch the proper signals from the routers. Use 3-4 repeaters keep at walls. Then they push the signals in proper way.



5. Third Party Hacks.
To improve the singnal strength location, router covarage use the aluminium plates. That aluminium plates cut and arrange the parabolic structure near to WiFi antenna, that parabolic way helpful to push the signals in proper way.

It is very important for WiFi users often you have to change the password of WiFi. It will secure for our WiFi. For that type of settings you can change from your computer
Open the computer command prompt (select win+r type CMD) type the IP configuration. After open IP configuration select the IP adress default gateway or MAC users select network prefferences after copy the IP adress put it on the web-browser IP adress. After that give user name and password for it.




7. Avoid the Interruption of Routers.
Use the WiFi Analiser you can choose the perfect channel way for your’s router. Then only it doesnt interrupt with your neighbours router.

HAW2R1_wifi repeater signal stength

8. For Best Signal Boostup.
Install the latest DD-WRT farmware. Use of this formware you can give best boostup for transmitting of signals from repeaters, signal strength and improve the signal coverage area.


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