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Kerala Chief Minister Oommon Chandy Faces 10 Developments of Allegations

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Kerala Chief Minister Chandy New Allegations:

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has been number of allegations linked with solar scam and opposition activists clashed with the  Police on the streets of capital in Thiruvananthapuram.

01. A leaked audio tape has added to the ruling party’s troubles. The audio played on local media had Congress spokesperson Thampanoor Ravi advising Saritha Nair to “play safe” when she was cross-questioned. The politician denied that he was trying to coach Ms Nair.

02. Mr Chandy said yesterday, Why should I resign? I am telling the people of Kerala that even if there is one per cent truth in what is being claimed, forget about resigning as Chief Minister, I will quit politics.

03. The opposition says the Chief Minister has to resign. Assembly polls are due in Kerala this year and the solar scam is the opposition’s main weapon against Mr Chandy and the United Democratic Front that his Congress party leads.

Kerala Cheif Minister

04. Chief Minister Chandy, who belongs to the Congress, is accused of links with Saritha Nair; many calls were allegedly made from his office to her. She has claimed that she went to the Chief Minister’s home, which he has denied.

05. The Chief Minister spent nearly 11 hours on Monday being questioned by the inquiry panel. He has refused to take a lie-detector test as suggested by Saritha Nair’s lawyer.

06. The Chief Minister has moved the High Court against a court order asking for a First Information Report against him.

07. The police used lathi-charge and teargas on protesters who tried to march towards the government headquarters.

08. Saritha Nair and her partner Biju Radhakrishnan were arrested in 2013 on charges of collecting crores from industrialists after promising them solar panels at cheaper rates, and also using political connections to land big contracts.

09. A petition was filed against Mr Chandy after an allegation by Saritha Nair, the main accused in the scam, that a bribe of nearly two crores was paid to the personal staff of the chief minister.

10. Saritha Nair has also testified before an inquiry commission that the Chief Minister and other Congress leaders called her mother in 2013 and asked her not to reveal anything. They promised to “return the money taken from me, she claims.

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