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Los Angeles Schools Closure After Email Threat, “Its not a Credible Threat “Los angles Mayor

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Los Angeles Defends School Closure After Email Threat, Its not a credible threat Loss angles mayor

LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles city officials decided to shut down all public schools in loss Angeles on Tuesday to receive an email threat to the several board members that appears to have been a hoax.

The desperate was ordered as a precaution, triggered in part by the December 2 attacks in nearby San Bernardino that left 14 people dead,

Ramon Cortines, the superintendent of Los Angeles schools and run Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) said the second largest school district in the US with 640,000 students,and he said we are not taking any chance with life of students and the alarm was raised after Receiving email threat to several board members of school violence involving backpacks and packages left at some of the district’s 900 schools.

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A similar threat was also made against New York City schools, but new york officials said they deemed it not a credible threat from the onset and accused Los Angeles school officials of badly overreacting.

Adam Schiff California Congress man said Later in the day sent the email, which was sent late on Monday from an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany, was likely a prank address.

Schiff said in a Tweet “assessment is it was a hoax to disrupt school districts in large cities,”

“In an abundance of caution, we have chosen to close our schools today until we can be absolutely sure that our campuses are safe,” said the school district’s police chief, Steven Zipperman.

California Congressman Brad Sherman told CNN that the email had come from a person claiming to be an “extremist Muslim” who said attacks would take place on Tuesday and would involve nerve gas.

“It’s what they want, whether it’s a prankster or a terrorist, they want to instill fear,” Bratton told reporters said.

the person behind the threat may have been inspired by the hit television series “Homeland.” Bratton said, who previously served as Los Angeles police chief from 2002 to 2009.

Loss Angeles and Newyork Mayors said in the press conference officially in below.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told a press conference that the threat was “so generic and outlandish” that it could not be taken seriously.

But Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters later Tuesday: “We can now announce the FBI has determined this was not a credible threat.”

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