MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Registration Questions SMS Win 1Crore Rupees

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu also popularly known as MEK, Koteeswarudu After Nagarjuna now Chiranjeevi hosted show. it is an Indian regional television game Telecasted All language with different Names, Different Host Anchors. This show presented in Telugu which is Telugu version of Hindi game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. In Telugu named As Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Short formed MEK.

MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Questions Up to now completed 3 Seasons Now looking at 4th Season with Chiranjeevi Garu After the success of 3 seasons makers ready to Launch next program very soon. Registration also open from 11th October Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu is back with season 4 on Maa TV. Check Out MEK Questions Answers Registration Process.

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu MEK Registration Questions How To Participate

MEK quiz show where participants had to answer all the questions to get final prize money. get a Chance to Participate in Meelo Evaru Koteeswaru Telugu film actor Chiranjeevi will host the Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Show. Ready to Participate with questions and Answers. MEK money winning show and registration process is quite easy and anyone can participate in this money game show all you need is a good knowledge in all the fields.

The registration process of MEK is very simple and any one can participate in the show. It free of cost also (Charges Below 10 Rupees to SMS Charges) To participate, you have to register and answer the Call For Entries Questions. Call for Entry (CFE) process start from 8th October 2016

MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Season 4 Details Available now Question Registration Process Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu is popularly known as MEK in Telugu Language. Good news for who are waiting for Meelo Evaru Koteeswarulu. Let’s good news for everyone. Let’s Participate Now. Chiranjeevi MEK season 4 registration Process Questions Answers. Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu ( MEK ) 4 2016 call for Registration Call For Entries from October 11th. Be Ready.

MEK With Megastar Chiranjeevi Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu – Official Facebook Page

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Season 4 registration Process

Registration For MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Firstly the people who want to participate in this show This article helps you. Participant must have to send an SMS Answer to this quiz Questions Before Participate read guidelines. The persons, must be an citizens of India, and date above 18 from the date of registration are all eligible to participate in the game.

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu MEK Season 4 Hosted by Megastar Chiranjeevi Would be aired on Maa Tv Every day Mon­Thu at 8:30 Pm to 9:30 Pm hrs start from October 8th onwards. participate in this show must have to send an SMS to this quiz

Q) Who can register MEK Milo Evaru Koteswarudu

MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu is Common man’s game. anyone can Participate and play This game. Must be an Indian citizen, residing in India at least 12 Years Age Limit 18 years of age or above as on. Candidate can speak in Telugu fluently and should be of sound health and mind to register for MEK Game Show. No Replacement, Exchange for person

Q) Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu Questions and Answer SMS

Chiranjeevi meelo Evaru Koteswarudu Questions and Answer Season Again Started Registration will count be from October 11th. SMS correct answer and Win Change to 1 Crore rupees.

Q) When will the lines be open for registration?

Registration lines (both IVRS – phone and SMS – messaging) are open from 20:00:00 hrs on Apr 24, 2014, when the first question goes on air, for all viewers. The schedule of on-air registration questions during this period

Q) What are the different modes of registration?

You can register by answering the on-air question through SMS or by calling IVR number. The operator wise registration details of the numbers to be dialed for IVR and short code for sending SMS with the answer options are listed below:

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, sequel of Amitabh’s Kaun Banega Crorepati and hosted by Famous Telugu film actor Chiranjeevi. After successful two seasons of MEK, Maa TV has decided to launch the MEK Season 3. As the first step towards the launch of MEK Season 3, the registration process to participate in the game show through Call for Entry (CFE) process would commence on 26th September.

Meelo Evaru Kotiswarudu Question Registration Process The game show took the Telugu TV entertainment space to the next level with a good meaning and purpose with several heart touching life stories coming into light as a source of inspiration for common men produced by Big Synergy. for more information and confirmation terms and conditions visit MEK official website mek.maatv.com

If anyone can participate in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. Just refer the FAQ’s issued by MEK https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qdp8UXtstDN21ON0ZJaGswMTA/view?pref=2&pli=1 and also here provided information about meelo evaru koteeswarudu Game entry, how to participate and How to Register in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu at mek.maatv.com Questions and Answers SMS Charges names List

What is the procedure and How to Participate in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu

MEK Season 3 details for SMS & IVRS Registrations are as follows.

To Register through SMS:

Send MEK Option Age gender to 57337. Each SMS would cost Rs. 3.

To Register Through IVRS DIAL:

1255573 for BSNL users and 5057337 for all other operators. Registrations through IVRS would cost up to Rs. 7, depending on the operator.

And other operator :
Airtel/Idea/Reliance/Tata Indicom/Vodafone/TataDocomo/Uninor subscribers can call to this number 50573370(1,2,3,4). Here add one to the number if option A and similarly add other numbers for other options.

Detailed terms and conditions can be seen by login to http://mek.maatv.com

Some MEK Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Questions And Answers

1) Dandia’ is a popular dance of
A. Punjab
B. Gujarat
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Maharashtra

Answer: Option B

2) Who owned the man of match award in 2011 world cup?
A. m.s dhoni
B. Sachin Tendulkar
C. Gautam Gambhir
D. Yousuf Pathan

3) ‘Kuchipudi’ is a dance associated with which state of India?

A. Mizoram
B. Nagaland
C. Kerala
D. Andhra Pradesh

4) The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from

A. Rigveda
B. Satpath Brahmana
C. Mundak Upanishad
D. Ramayana

Answer: Option C

5) OS computer abbreviation usually means ?

A. Order of Significance
B. Open Software
C. Operating System
D. Optical Sensor

6) What is the full of 3G ?

A. 3rd Generation
B. 3rd Gate
C. 3rd Game
D. 3rd Galaxy

7) Chemical formula for water

A. H2O
B. B2O
C. S2O
D. H3O

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