Mistakes in Bahubali 2 Conclusion Part Shocking Proofs. Rajamouli What is this ?

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Bahubali – The Conclusion Everywhere only one. Did u see bahubali ? Reviews do not matter for the movie. Bahubali – The most expensive movie till date High production work and high box office collections reports and one of the highest grossing movies with high profits to producers, it has one too many mistakes in movie !!

many silly mistakes here we provides mistakes for just information only. No Offense to anyone. What was the director doing ? His taking, his planning just WoW Reaction everyone. Seriously, Kudoos to editing team and VFX Designers. I guess All are watching Bahubali Second Part conclusion series so many dates everyone was busy in calculating the future profits counting box office collections so didn’t bother to pay much attention Peacefully to these shocking mistakes in Bahubali.

This mistakes are silly. we know, here provided for Knowing only. There is no doubt that Bahubali is one of the biggest movies in India cinema carrer. First 1000 Crores movie to collect bahubali easily. Indian history recreated records redefined. From the sets to the star cast to special effects, Special performances everything was just perfect Time to time. Young kids to adults everyone has watched the movie and enjoyed it. Dont Encourage piracy But did you notice those silly mistakes in bahubali movie ? They were too logical Silly Questions to ignore.

Here are a few mistakes In bahubali movie which I’m sure you did not notice but give a thought, Namasthe welcome to movie and you won’t disagree. Everybody knows that Baahubali is a big hit movie in Indian History. Getting amazing responces for movie. The way he uses technology is really great. VFX Effects was Damn good But in the movie their are some silly mistakes.Logical mistakes train timings even a common man can notify it. allotment Check liquid state Here are the silly mistakes we identified in Baahubali movie On Time.

Yes !! You Watching Bahubali. U In Mistakes in Bahubali Page

As we know Making a movie is a hard job in term of rajamouli minds. Movie is like passion. now his passion turns into profits. recieved amazing reviews responce from audiences. expercting good numbers for Bahubali 1st Day box office collections. However, a great filmmaker rajamouli again strikes with blockbusters. While most directors would solve their problems with the help of body doubles, cheat shots and camera tricks dups and Editing VFX works. 5Years dream project now cames us reality So, after the blockbuster hit in the box office of almost the whole of the world, Waiting for Responce Baahubali has fallen into the hands of the critics Public giving Five out of Five rating

What they found crticizable was the neglection of basic and simple things related to direction, graphics, story and etc Here are the mistakes in the movie that we found are too big to be neglected and yet shocking with the quality of the director is known.

Some Intresting Dialouges from bahubali

Prabhas : Devasena meedha cheyyi padithe, naa kathi meedha cheyyi padinatle

Ramya Krishna Dialouge: Aadadaani manasu thelusukokunda pelli chese hakku meeku ekkadidi?

Prabhas: Thappu chesadu, vellu narikesanu, Thappu devasena. Aada daani meedha cheyyi vesthe narakalsindhi vellu kaadhu, Thala !

Pujari: Meeru raju kaakapovadaniki kaaranam mee aviti cheyyi kaadhu prabhu, mee aviti budhi

Kattappa: Sevakudiki thandri sthanam ichaaru, mee bidda ni chethulalo kaadhu, thala meedha pettukuntaanu amma

Rana : raajamaatha? Pichimaatha! Bahu nannu champadaniki chusadu ani namminchi aame tho ne vaadi marana shasanam raayinchanu!

Ee raktham valla manaki antina papam thuduchukovadaniki manaki ee janma saripodhu. Thappu chesav Sivagami

A huge hype was created to market the movie and the hype worked in favor of the movie because it grossed something above Rs. 350 crores but the outcome of all this hype was very much disappointing. Jaws did drop, not for the effects, but because of the huge yawns. Anyways, we bring to you some shocking mistakes in Bahubali

Pic 2: How is Possible. Single Shot Felt around  Members. You can Observe Size of Material 1 Meters. Left Guy maintains distance 2meters from Anushka. How ?

anushka fight 1

Pic 3: Look Clearly. This 3 Guys are…..  ha ha Silly .. Understand !!!


Check Photos Clearly Below

Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali

Mistakes in Bahubali

Mistakes in Bahubali

Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali Mistakes in Bahubali

Coming to the mistakes in the earlier poster, In bahubali Conclusion part 2. The Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena looking Fighty crispy in term of happiness. Bahubali standing next to Open huge margin.


after so many years Telugu cinema Loudly says power of Cinema at all corners of India. Finally, the makers released the much-awaited movie “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” on Theaters around 600 theaters across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Karnataka and Maharastra states 182 Theaters including single frame theaters.

After the success of “Bahubali”, audience was eagerly waiting to know answer who is wife of Bichaladeva, recently released trailer expectations have soared high. However, this intense grahical movie is filled with some mistakes, here posted clearly which I bet you haven’t noticed; let’s have a look.


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