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Muslims Protect Against Pakistan Attack On Indian Soldiers

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Muslims Protect Against Pakistan Attack on Indian Soldiers Nellore Muslim Brothers conducts rally against Pakistan Army who attack Indian soldiers. 18 soldiers killed in army base in India Massive protests were held in Jammu & Kashmir today against the terrorist attack on an army base.

Muslims Protect Against Pakistan Attack On Indian Soldiers

17 soldiers killed as suspected militants attack army base in India. Himalayan Region sometimes. arranged loud explosions several barracks caught against Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about Issue of Pakistan Attack “I assure the nation that those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished.” well said. But Condition was different at Borders. 68000 Peoples killed since 1989 at India Kashmir Borders.

United states gives support Strong partnership with Indian government. India military ready to Fight against Pakistan but Government,Political issues stopped us. Militants have been killed at Borders. The Indian army officials said the rebels entered the sprawling camp after crossing a stream and breaching the fencing Saturday night while Army sleeping. Muslims have taken up peaceful rally at Nellore in Andhra Pradesh in protest against Pakistan terrorists attack on Indian soldiers. Pakistan rejected allegations.

Pakistan is a terrorist state and it should be identified and isolated as such
-Rajnath Singh, India’s home minister

Famous Tweets RIP Pakistan

Terror capital of d world with a begging bowl ready to sell its soul for money, Pak is a dead state Let’s expose with RIP Pakistan
– Rita

rip pakistan

RIP Pakistan you are all alone standing in world for your terror love, your dossier even rejected by UN. No country supporting you.
-Sheetal Tweets

RIP Pakistan RIP Pakistan RIP Pakistan

Rather than #WakeUpModi i think the need of the hour is Take Strong Steps Modiji #EndRelationWithPak #RIPPakistan #UnitedAgainstPak

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