Pawan Kalyan Question & Answer Session With Students | Best Ever Interview TV9

Pawan Kalyan Unseen Interview Interact With Students and Fans at Hyderabad Jala Vihar Tourism place. on occasion of Komuram puli release. Celebrate new year along with Fans and Media people. TV9 News channel organizing all event Questions and answer session with Fans and Students.

Pawan Kalyan Question & Answer With Students | Best Ever Interview TV9

Watch Video Here Unseen Interview Of Pawan Kalyan. Most Rare Unseen Watch Hilarious Question Asked By Boys & Girls At TV9 Studio. Spoorthi College Students attended event and asked Questions Janasena Party president Pawan Kalyan’s Cool Attitude Answered all questions with Smile. Very meaning full answers searing talks planned to move his fans into devotee with his way of Talking.

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్  Pawan Kalyan Interview Some interesting questions from Fans Side. One of students asked about Love story and relationship between Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan. He smiled and Answered very well. Boy student asked about Prajarajyam, Yuva Rajyam Political party issues

can we serve with out participating into Politics ? No.. We can not involved deeply without politics. I Believe politics is only way to Achieve some thing and serve to people. When im started CMPF ( Common Man People Force) we planned to Help needy people. but some times we stopped at Some point by local region politicians. I Don’t know reason why they are stopping us. After so many i Realized about Political steps while iam participating Chiranjeevi’s Prajarajyam Political journey.

Check Awesome Pawan Kalyan Unseen Pata-Pat Interview. his Way of talking, Style, Clarity in answers fantastic.

Some Questions For You:

Question 1: Eppuduna Education System Py Mi Openion Yenti ?

Eppudu Unna Education System Naku Nachchaledu. anduke nenu Chaduvu Manesha !! Ee Chaduvulu manaku Kathalu cheputhayi… Udoyagalanu evvadam varam Pani chesthunnayi. Manishi yela brathakalo cheppatledu.. Nijayithi ga Brathakadam yelago cheppatledu

Lady Fan: Naku Meetho Dance Cheyalani Undi

Abbee…. Naku dance radhu andi. anduke nenu chala cinema just walk chesthu cover chesthu untanu

Question: Prajalayaku Seva Cheyadaniki Politics Avasarama ? Politics lo lekunda kuda Seva Cheyachu kadha ?

Cheyachu.. Kani Kontha Varaku.. adhe politics undi inka yekkuvaga cheyachu

Miku Estamyna Hero Avaru ?

Abhitab bachchan garu

Funny Questions Well Answers. Pawan Kalyan Timing Spontaneity Language skills are really attractive. Pawan Kalyan Recently Participated in GOTTI Gates Engineering college Ananthapur Interact with Students after 8 Years. Time changed but Pawan Kalyan style, Clarity in answer never changed.


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