Petrol Price Hiked Again Applied from midnight Public Reaction Twitter Troll War

Petrol Rates Increased midnight increasing the price of petrol by 89 paise a litre and increasing diesel by 86 paise per litre effective from midnight. second time raised rates in this month. Revised rates will take effect from midnight Rates are increased regular. Many government change politicians changes but rates never decreased.

Petrol Rates Hiked Again Diesel Price Increased Midnight

Petrol per litre from Friday will cost Rs 64.21 in Delhi, Rs 68.42 in Kolkata, Rs 69.13 in Mumbai 68.12 in Hyderabad and Rs 68.76 in Chennai rates are differ by area. Zonal area lower than cities. October sees biggest petrol price rise at forecourts in three and a half years Petrol and diesel prices are deregulated in India, which means they are linked to market rates The prices were increased following increase in commission paid to dealers After including a VAT of 27 per cent on petrol, the effective hike in petrol price Finalised from tonight mid night.

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Srinath Radhakrishna: when we ask why the prices are increasing and the policies are pending to be implemented they would come up with the convenient answer “its just been 2 years”

Takoor: This is the first symptom of BJP ouster in 2019. Congress was voted out for corruptions and particularly for increasing fuel prices

Sandeep RK: Pls reduce import duty & state taxes. No country selling petrol @68/- except India. Though i’ll keep vote u but u must understand the sentiments of people. Reduce import duty on crude oil

SomaSankar Mukherjee: That’s good idea..please increase until everyone forced to buy bicycle…
Moreover cycle is good for health and vehicles create pollution, bad for health

Vivek Dhadwal: So what ? When people can spend 1k on weekends to see crap Bollywood movies, 89 paise will not going to make a hole in a pocket

Renn Dav: This is not Breaking news.. this is regular news in this Govt time.. IF the price is reduced,.. then it can be considered as Breaking News

Andrea Jeremiah: Worldwide low prices yet India alone hikes it and keeps it up even when others reduce prices. Shame on Modi

Mahesh Tibrewal: I don’t know why these people barking over 1 Rupee Hike.. Im quite sure who not afford petrol have no vehicle with them… Or say how they afford 50000 Vehicle

Anand Sethi: Oil companies are supposed to revise retail petrol and diesel prices only fortnightly… Why this increase in first week of month ??

Rawoof Uddin: Why the rates gets hike twice in a month in spite petrol still cheap in international market where is money going or funding to RSS???

Rajeev Shukla: There was a lot of noise when petrol price was Rs. 66 and crude oil was $110 per barrel. Why those voices are now silent?

Pradeep: Anybody remember number of times petrol n diesel prices has been hiked from the very first price slash with new govt?


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