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Police Cop From J&K Suspended After Pictures of Him Which Go Viral on Net…

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Indian Police reputation depends upon how disciplined they as a force in every department, in Indian police mainly every policeman should be proper discipline. But unfortunately, the personal don’t seem to get that.

A Police cop in Rajouri, Jammu&Kashmir feeling or showing embarrassment the force even more. The policemen while on duty dancing with girls at a party in the police station.Police brutality has been in abundence in recent times

j&k cop pictures goes viral on net

According to The Indian Express the incident which happened in august month the Pictures of Head constable Zakir Hussain he worked in the Budhal police station sitting in the lap of a female Special Police Officer (SPO) ‘while on duty’.

indian policeThe pictures which go viral on the net. The notice came to the higher authority officials through Social media WhatsApp, Facebook.

The higher authorities suspended the policemen and the lady officer and others seen in the picture are facing a probe.

The policeman who had recorded and uploaded the clip has also been identified.


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