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Reliance Jio 4G Sim Internet Offers, free internet talk time offer many tempting offers but behind story what is jio
? Jio Minus points, drawbacks clearly explained below. Tried to give all best answers. Reliance Jio Services
Information, network problems many more detailed information. Facts about Jio Sim, True Story, Fake stories,
Gossips, Jokes Troll everything added.

Jio 4G Sim Questions & Answers Quora Collection

Jio 4G Reliance Sim Questions and Answers Quora Best Collections Avaiable here Only

Does Reliance Jio 4G Offers works with present Reliance Sim?

No. Reliance GSM, Reliance CDMA sim are different than Reliance Jio sim. they supported upto 3g services only.
For 4G Devices it applicable only JIO. Reliance-com is owned by Anil Ambani & Reliance jio is Owned by Mukesh Ambani Total Different companies. for getting Jio 4G Offer need to take new sim

Does Reliance Jio 4G requires a LTE SIM Cards or VOLTE compatible Handset? Can we use data on current phone over a WiFi?

Reliance Jio 4G will be offered via WiFi or usual SIM Card. Interesting Question To activation purpose only require
LTE mobile devices, but for using sim Mobile must be compatible to jio setting. Jio Officials released Compatible
Mobile devices list also. if ur using Jio another compatible devices. signal not showing, Jio Signal error
coming/not receiving. You can use Jio wifi while anyone On Tethering portable hotspot

What is your experience about Reliance Jio sim card?

Reliance jio is good. now facing some issues like, Signal error problems, internet not connecting, Slow internet. but
im using trick to Increase JIO Internet Speed. now everything fine. by the way it’s free. so why i loss it. if u faced
any problems while using Reliance jio sim card just comment below. our team trying to solve problems as soon as
possible. we are guaranteed, but we will surely help you

Can I use iPhone 6 with reliance jio sim card?

Simple Yes !! It’s compatible to Android, IOS Devices. I heard some news about this topic. Jio Sim not working on
Apple Iphone 4 devices. it’s available services and recieving signal for Iphone5 Upgrade models
you can use iPhone 6 Plus with Reliance Jio Sim Card also

Will other Sim card work in same slot where Reliance Jio was used earlier?

No Doubt. It’s working. Jio sim working like a normal. you can remove/insert any time. Relinace JIO is Mapping
your JIO number with IMEI of your phone while activation process. for checking Mobile device supported or not.
you can any time remove or convert another network. But if you are not interested to use JIO SIM on mobile
device Slot further, then you can remove and use any other telecom SIM in same slot without any issue. But in
that same IMEI Number you can not get another JIO Sim. Reliance digitals officials provides 1 Sim for 1 IMEI

How can I get Reliance Jio SIM Card?

For Answer i suggested to read – How To Get Jio Sim Free

Do voice calls made on Reliance Jio network use 4G data included in the plan?

Ofcourse ! Free internet means included all benifits, Media calls, videos calls, Chating, IMO Calls, Skype calls. you
can use normal sim internet services.

Should I buy a Reliance Jio sim?

You Can ! But no Buy. Its free of cost. so you can get reliance jio sim. Remembering Out of store many vendors
sales Fake JIO Sims. dont buy. its pure spam. Sim Look like original but not activated. waste of time, Waste of

Can I use the Reliance Jio SIM Card in a 4G Dongle?

No. Jio Offered wifi services to Jio Wifi Box only. setting defaulted. no one can change settings. To use Jio Wifi
services. Must signup at Jio Wifi registration

Can I use a Reliance Jio 4G sim in a 3G phone?
Reliance Sim Services available for 3G Phone. but 4G Services, Free internet benifits not added while ur using on
3G Phone. it is supported to Only 4G LTE Devices

How much time does it take for activation of Jio SIM ?
1 Day. Maximum 2 Days. after 2 day still not activated. Contact Near Jio Digital stores. Sometime they not
approved when submitted details mismatched, Photo Blur low quality, fake Address information Issues. Better to
contact near store officials.

What could be some of the likely drawbacks in using a Reliance Jio sim?

Reliance Jio Sim Drawbacks. Failed to show Activeness, Weak signal, Low bandwidth Signalsm Internet connevity
issues. but not worst. Jio Services are ok Good.

Can I use any other Sim card in jio router after its unlimited data offer ends?
Yes. You can use any 4G/4G Sim in jio router. but jio sim is not working in any Router. it working only jio wifi
router Giga fiber services.

Is it true that once we use Jio sim in a mobile, we can’t use any other network’s sim card on the same sim slot of
that mobile?

One Word. Total fake News. Dont believe this type of non-sense. you can use any sim.

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