Rudrama Devi Movie Official Thearitical 3D Trailer, Movie Release Date Details

Hi friends. The fans of Anushka Shetty and Allu Arjun are awaiting for the film Rani Rudrama Devi and the film is directed by Gunashekar. The film is based on the historical story of Rani Rudrama Devi who the Ruller of the Kakathiya Dynasty. Anushka Shetty is playing the main role in this film and her character name is Rudrama Devi. Dagubati Rana plays a hero role, Allu Arjun plays a key role his character name is Gonaganna reddy. So the movie has highly expectations in the hearts of fans and Telugu industry. The movie released on 4’th September number of theaters. Coming to the actual story we are providing information about the Rudrama Devi. Rani Rudrama Devi is one of the most  prominent rulers of Kakatiya dynasty. She is one of the Ruling queens in Indian History. Rudrama Devi was also known as Rudramaba her father name is Gandappa.  Gandappa is the emperor of Kakatiya Dystany Ruled from Orugallu it is known as Warangal in Telangana State. Gandappa has no sons so he designated the Rudrama is a son through old Daughter ceremony and change her name to‘Rudradeva’. Rudrama and her father begun to rule the Kakatiya kingdom jointly in the year 1259-60 in this period she called “Rudradeva Maharaja.”


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 In the year, 1262 Rudramadevi assumed the title Rudra deva maharaja and rule the Kakathiya dynasty. After her father died in the year 1269 her nomination for throne of Kakathiya Kingdom was not accepted.Some people had turned against to the Ganapati deva even during life time because he appointed a woman as his heir. After that what are the situations and how was the kingdom is ruled by Rudramadevi is explained under the direction of Gunashekar. So watch the movie and know about the historical ruler rani Rudramadevi and historical place of Warangal…



CAST                                        ANUSHKA , RANA DAGGUBATI, ALLU  ARJUN

MUSIC                                     MAESTRO ILAYARAJA

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