Singer Sunitha Worried About Leaked Video Issue Check Heartful Interview

Singer Sunitha Personal Interview 

Singer Sunitha singing and dubbing talent ultimate stage show performance have won her unlimited fan following and awards including that of the most coveted Nandi and Filmfare awards for her voice. deligated voice With a great singing talent, along with great looks and screen presence, she is looking so beautiful in saree. traditional she would like to wear traditional dresses always. she was inundated with offers from the filmmakers, but Sunitha had denied them smoothly. Many gossips rounded in industry.

Sunitha Likes/Dislikes Heartful Interview Many Emotions, Many Secrets

Sunitha Acted as Pawan Kalyan aunty character, mahesh babu sister character so and so.. but there is no truth. time will go and old memories old buzz gone same speed. Celebrities never care this type of Gossips. recently sunitha released a shortfilm titled as “Ragam” film directed by Chaitanya.

Sunitha is likely to make her acting debut with Raagam telugu short film. relaxed conversation between a sunitha and the swapna is so good. asked many questions (some questions are irritates) the best way for fans to get to see how the celeb is in real life. as per idream media Sunitha’s career began in the year 1995 with the movie Gulabi. She works as a singer and an Anchor to various channels who conduct musical programmes.

She also works as a dubbing artist and has dubbed for about 750 films. She won two Filmfare Awards and nine Andhra Pradesh state Nandi Awards. check awesome Heartful interview of sunitha. Sunitha talks exclusively to iDream on “Heart to Heart with Swapna” trending on youtube channel.

Watch Singer Sunitha Heartful Interview | Till Last ( Don’t Miss Last 4 Minutes )

Sunitha Upadrashta is a Well known Playback singer, anchor and dubbing artist. She is popular for her songs like Ee Velalo song from Gulabi, Em Sandeham Ledu Song from Oohalu Gusagusalade, Egiripothe song from Vedam, Neela Mabbulu Song from Pravarakhyudu and many more


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