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Smriti Irani Emotional Speech in Parliament About Rohit Death

Hyderabad Central University Student Rohit Vemula Death Issue on Smriti Irani Sensational Speech In Parliament. Smriti Irani Emotion Speech in Parliament About Rohit Death. BJP Leader Smriti Irani Speech Video Indian Politician Criticizes Parliamentary Opposition Over Hyderabad Student’s Death Taking Serious Issue on Rohit Vemula Death personally. “‘My name is Smriti Irani. I challenge you to tell me my caste” I Never Used My Caste. Irani appeared well prepared Ready Shoot to deliver a shock and awe Thoughtful counter strike on the Opposition benches In Parliament. as she was armed with loads of documents to supplement her claims. Rohith Vemula’s body was used as a political tool.

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