This Teacher – Students Bonding story makes us cry !! Hats off to Great teacher

This Teacher – Student bonding Love makes us Cry !! Very Emotional Hats off to Teacher. What a Reaction !! Response to love. its called as pure love. Teacher and students heart touching video. Teacher transferred to another school. But Students want to continue this teacher in the same school.

The teacher is the most important persons in everyone life. Teachers are like a friend, brother, Family men, Father to all. if a person is good or bad it depends on the teacher. Every teacher sir Influence will surely show the impact on Everyone life.

Teacher Heart touching video. Love respect and responsibility matter here. A good teacher will make famous a good teacher always wants his students very popular and happy. According to research, few factors in education have a greater impact on a student’s educational experience than a caring relationship with his or her teacher. Here this teacher transfer to another school. Video goes viral On the Internet

  • Successful teachers expect their students to succeed
  • Successful teachers have a sense of purpose and sense of humor
  • Great teachers exude passion as well as purpose
  • Successful teachers have a positive attitude
  • Only Successful teachers know how to take risks
  • Good teachers ask good questions
  • Successful teachers welcome change in the classroom
  • Successful teachers are not threatened by parent advocacy
  • Successful teachers never stop learning

Hope government canceled his Transfer order and Continue with his students at the same school. forward and share on all sites. excellent strategy for enhancing student motivation, fostering intellectual agility, and encouraging democratic habits All The best for students. something valuable, they must have a purpose. Consider your goals for each discussion

Image Credits to Telugu Adda

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