Tamil Nadu Government Introduced Amma Free Wifi Internet Zones

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Tamilnadu government provides free wifi to State citizens. TN State government decides to place free wifi in city near areas around 50 club areas available here. Tamil Nadu AIADMK party planning to start free wifi services names as AMMA Free Wifi in 50 Locations. amma Jayalalitha ruled Tamil Nadu from Last 10 Years.

Jayalalitha organized Special meeting with party activists, senior advisors. Jayalalitha introduced many schemes to Peoples. Amma Water Free distribution home to home line. Amma medicine for Patients. Amma food courts for low-cost rates check government general election information here check out most trending topic at Tamilnadu free wifi Password id details.

Government of Tamil Nadu planning to organize Free wifi zones at Bus Terminals, Commercial Shopping complexes and IT Parks, Public Favourite places across state Around 50 Locations all over states. and at same party officials released Manifesto detailed information Growing in Amma Jayalalitha Ruling times. After so many years now dream Free wifi coming as true Telangana Government already started free wifi zones at Hyderabad city areas and receives Crowd huge responce from Telangana Netizens.

Tamil Nadu amma Jayalalitha care Health reports stable said by hospital doctors. Jaya madam issued orders to set up Free Wi-Fi zones in 50 places. said by Recent meetingsFor mobile users a new scheme was launched by Govt named as Assured Multi-Modal access to use government services through mobile application. Intial budget for Tamil Nadu Free wifi scheme 1 Crore 25 Lakhs.

amma free wifi

Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha E-government already started working for it. hope this will be started from End of December 2016. any Smart mobile phone users can use this offer. Registration process, Connection information, Login id Detailed will be updated soon. Stay tuned with us for more latest information about Tamil Nadu Chennai free wifi zones places available list information login id password details.

How to register Tamilnadu Free wifi ?
what is login id/password for Amma Free wifi ?
Otp not recieved for amma free wifi service ? what i do / alternative options ?


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