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TCS Employee, Wife Say Baby Wrongly Taken From Them In US

JAIPUR: The two-month-old boy name as ashvid,son of an Indian couple in New Jersey has been placed in foster care, relatives of Ashish Pareek said, after the accident boy was taken to hospital with severe head injuries.

Victims Name as Ashish Pareek, wife vidisha from Jaipur,they have been living in the US since august 2015 works with outsourcing giant Tata Consultancy Services in Jersey City. His wife, Vidisha, delivered the baby in October.


The accident was happened Last month, Mrs Pareek was carrying the baby at home when he slipped from her hands, said her husband’s brother, Abhishek Pareek, to newschannels in Jaipur. Mrs Pareek says the baby then hit his head on a TV stand and fell hard on the floor and was immediately rushed by Mrs Pareek to hospital where he was diagnosed with serious internal injuries to his head.

After treatment at two different hospitals, the baby, Ashvid, reportedly recovered, but was handed over by child welfare officials to foster care last week.

Abhishek Pareek said in japur told to press “It was an accident but the US authorities are saying that our family tried to harm the child. US authorities are treated as it is a in human way and saying the child was cannot be handed over the parents. But this is untrue, it was an accident,”

In 2012, the two children of an Indian couple living in Norway were placed in foster care, creating a huge diplomatic row between the countries.

India said child welfare officials were culturally insensitive to the traditions of Indian parents. The children, Abhigyan and Aishwarya Bhattacharya were finally sent back to relatives in Bengal after nearly a year of being separated from their parents.

The family’s letter to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.


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