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Happy Teachers day to all. The teacher is a most divine word in this world.Thank you for your teacher being teaches you. Teacher’s day is a day dedicated to Teachers.It is a day every student remind and respect to their teacher. Good teachers are costly in the world, but bad teachers are very cost in the world. A real teacher in the world teaches from the heart, not from a book. There is no comparative word for a teacher. Parents give birth only, but a teacher give real birth to us for life in the world that is a greatness of Teacher.

Powerful meaning of Teacher

T- Talented
E- Education
A- Attitude
C- Character
H- Humanity
E- Efficient
R- Relation

Reason and Brief history of Teachers day:

Sarevepalli Radhakrishnan lives in a man of education. he born on September 5, 1888,  in Thiruttani, Madras presidency, British India. He is a man of education for India. His creative thoughts and innovative ideas keep India in education ever and ever. He spread and distribute the education all over India in those days, due to that reason only India leads education like this. Education makes human to real human. Education makes mistakes to correct.

Teachers day HD images, messages and poems:

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He guided to India

He inspired to India

He taught to India

His creative thoughts to India

His innovative ideas to India

Today is the day to thank Sarvepalli Radhakrishna and Teachers.

Sarvepalli Radhakrishna was philosopher and statesman who was the first Vice President of India from 1952-1962 and the second President of India from 1962 to 1967.

Who is a Teacher:

A Teacher is a god. You are not only my teacher you are my real friend, true philosopher and memorable guide. You making me what I am today, you made a wonderful difference in my life. your purpose not only create me but also create my own image in the world.

You are my well prominent Philosopher Thinker and excellent educator
you deposit your most precious time for me to lead my life like this
I am very thankful to my teacher for your precious treasures
Happy Teachers Day

English Essay for school students in English and Hindi:

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Best quotes for students in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu:


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On the eve of Teachers day, Prime minister of India says like below:

1.Students are an image of teachers.

2. Mother gives birth to a child, a teacher gives life.

3. There will hardly be anyone in the world who will not admit the role of their mother and teacher in their lives.

4. What teachers say to us, we will remember for the rest of our lives.

5. I bow to all the teachers. It is the teachers to make the generations.

6. If a teacher does not invest in his students, he is incomplete.

7. A true teacher never retries.

8. Life is not shaped by one person. It’s a continuous process to remain receptive. Always learn from everything.

9.We have to see that our kids do not become robots. They should appreciate arts. Without arts, life is robotic.

10. I think teachers should write their memories. This will reflect their involvement in the lives of several students.

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