Telugu Hero Worried About 25 Crores Black Money ?

Telugu top hero worried about 25 Crores black money ? Indian prime minister banned 500, 1000 Rupees currency notes now it is hot topic in entire globe. Banned old 500 and 1000 rupees denominations and released new notes use instead of old notes just by exchange. many politicians, film distributors, producers are victims of this sudden decision. after banned 500, 1000 rupees notes now every paisa counted and exchange old notes with valid proof by checking. good move to prevent black money.

Tollywood Hero Worried About 25 Crores Black Money

Cinema producers, real estate agents, land lowers mostly receive money in black for their activities. Politicians uses money for every action. Realtors and politicians now suffers. film producers and stars get 70 per cent of their income in black.

according to the news sources Tollywood popular hero worried about black money trying to change white money in valid process. nearly Rs 25 crore hard cash in his house, earned from business activities received huge amount from various sources. income tax escape money.

all black money arranged in 500, 1000 denomination. Planning to change into new released 500, 2000 denominations. this one night statement creates many sleepless nights to producers and black money holders.

List Of Telugu States Who have Black Money In Crores (Updates List*)

Accroding to the Greatandhra sources Hero planning to start a new startup with high denomination notes. now this notes are invalid. Modi announced abolition of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, much to his shock. Deposit through banks high rush. As part of his business activity, he had received a huge amount of Rs 25 crore, all in Rs 1000 denominations and was planning to divert this amount to one of his business deal.

government issued many rules regarding money exchange. 2,50,000 limit for transactions. if you exchange, deposit more than 2,50,000 rupees you need submit all sources details. if its mismatched with u provided information. fine will be caused by 200%. hope for best. Serious advice to top hero.

He can distribute to his fans. Or fans welfare.
Talk to fans who are in need of Heart surgeries, Farmers who is in the verge of suicide,
Fans who need money to pay their eduction,
Fans who are spending money to promote their heroes with their own money,
Schools in remote villages who needs money..

Lots of other things!
25 Cr is not a big amount considering you can do lot with it and consider that as Marketing costs for future revenue.
This hero must be having at least 1000 fans who are in need of 2.5 Lak each Feel happy and make happy others.

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