Tested Proof for Li-Fi Technology 100 Times Faster Than Wifi

Tested, Li-Fi Technology 100 times faster than wifi. now a days wifi is most using technology in 3g/4g generations. but here comes 100 times faster than wifi service. 4g wifi services are best till now. with incredible speed. now introducing li-fi technology. u will shocked when you know about Li-Fi technology. already tested in offices. best improved versions. faster than light. starting Li-Fi technology Invented Couples of years ago.

Li Fi Technology Replace Wifi 100 Times Faster Than. Light Way Transmit

Technology researches, testing process coming to end with positive results. Technology looking forward for update future. Wireless internet communication. 100 Times faster than wifi. you can check related videos, testing process at youtube. Research results are surprising. it has been tested in hospital, schools, public places average strength 21,000 peoples can receives high bandwidth at a time.

it is best to railway stations, airports, Public places, Universities. technology provides amazing speed with great positive features while testing receiving 224 gigabits per second. quick connections, High signal strength are addition points to change wifi to Li-Fi. US Countries started their journey with Li-Fi services.

Researcher Harold Haas Invented Li-Fi Technology in 2011. tested at Edinburgh University. Technology utilizing the light pass areas between 400 THz to 800 THz Transfer message signals through binary code.

Technology huge amount next generation. Harold tested with single led light transmit power generated amount compared with Li-Fi services.

Li-Fi speed can download 18 High load files at a time in Just 1.2 Seconds. next step to technology, Look forward. Li-Fi services, Features, Activation process will be updated soon. positive results all over. There is no doubt that this Li-Fi technology is replacing Wi-Fi very soon.


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