They Rated 20 Lakhs for My Relation. I Don’t Want Single Rupee. I Need Justice

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They Rated 20 Lakhs for My Relation. I Don’t Want Single Rupee. I Need Justice PG Medical Student Its happens in Guntur. Love Married. After 14 Months. They valued my Bonding rate 20 Lakhs. his parents also supported for this issue. inclinedto say that is wrong. Lakhsmi ( Victim) commits suicide on Friday.

Lakshmi completed MS( General Surgery ) in Kims College, Amalapuram in 2015. At college time love with Saikrishna. two got married in the sae year with permission of parents. his family members also well educated. Lakshmi parents gives car as dowry to sai krishna.

after 12 Hours. sai Krishna started dowry harassment for extra money. on April 20, Spoken with Lakshmi parents. sleeping tablets. Out, with the help of friends to survive. I will give Rs 20 lakh give divorce. Lakshmi’s parents are married and love their daughter was abused sai Krishna. His parents said do not care. Who is putting the case into a political force that can not do anything. He explained to the media before Media.


Did not take single rupee: RAO ( Saikrishna Father)

His son’s wedding did not take a single rupee dowry Acharya Nagarjuna University Rector also said Rao. He asked his daughter-in-law explanation in response to the allegations made by Baby Lakshmi.

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