Upcoming Actor Bala Prashanth Died while Escaping from House in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: Up Coming to Actor Bala Prashanth a budding actor has died while attempting a cine style escape from a house in Moosa pet Kukatpally, Hyderabad.


According to the police of Kukatpally, He lived in an apartment in Moosa pet a woman coming to this apartment for the dance class of her children in this apartment at that time he felt in love with that married woman. The woman also residing near to his residence. The husband of the woman going outside for office purpose knowing that the Husband of the woman was not in the house, he visited the woman house, the husband of the woman tell his relatives to visit the house and stay with her. After visiting the Bala Prashanth, the Relatives of woman husband suddenly came into flat. She tried to send them away. The relatives have doubted searched the house but in that time she injured her hands with a cut and create a scene. She was rushed to a hospital and lock the house. Prashanth made a bid to come off the house through pipes from the 5th floor of the apartment and accidentally slipped resulting into his death.

Bala Prashanth from Guntakal had started a Dance Institute at Ameerpet.The Institution name was Rockline has acted in three short films and upcoming a film of Bala Prashanth Had played a lead role in Ee Rojullo Raamudila Seethala Evaruntarandi Babu was not released scheduled on next month.

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