Village Girl Kidnapped at Forest by 4 Boys !! Last Minute twist was Shocks everyone

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Friends Find a new place in the middle of forest planned for kidnap. but last minute twist was shocking everyone. Forest are maintained by forest department and wildlife department. many forest department officers suspended for alleged of duty in the state. This wood smuggling cases. many FIR Registred under the same case.

Village Girl Kidnapped at Forest by 4 Boys for Friend

In Sudden ride, many sanders logs were seized by the Forest Department officials. check area wise information According to officials there are reports of trees being chopped down in middle of forest area. But this Time case was different. Group of friends kidnaps a girl for the friend. Planning almost set up setting auto rikshaw for carrying her. Illegal cases and issues harmful protects prohibited into Hospital. Sources say That every fame Observation will be taken the right way. performances cast by they did wonderful jon its video taken by Youtube followed by Standard youtube license.


The situation is worse in the forest areas. Day by day security levels are going down. no power security for wildlife and forest free zone places. forest department admitted that they have been getting complaints about illegal issues. This is probably the most prized catch in the recent history by enforcement agencies from forest agency area

In this video last minute twist was good. Very well social message. This 1 Minute Tamil short length film stood as best list of short films. and after knowing actual truth behind this story everyone was shocked. According to the reports, smugglers go scot free as they cut trees with impunity in forest areas after that Youth focused forest while long drive. It difference by Intrest and Power.

close friends have arranged a forest trip all by themselves but they don’t know how planning goes. Villagers near Forest living persons are provided accommodation, comfortable things on time. girls lie on the floor of a pine forest This video makes us cry !! Think once. A short film with an Awesome social message.

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