Whatsapp Video Calling is Now Active on Android Device Download Install New Features

Whatsapp Video calling service, most awaited service feature by WhatsApp. popular messaging service now came with few additional features. many people waiting for Whatsapp free video calling feature after so many years now feature came into live. i have mentioned many new updated feature about WhatsApp and their services. Check out WhatsApp new features here only. some changes development in desktop version also.

Whatsapp Video Calling is Now Active On Android Download – Install Enjoy

WhatsApp for Windows is essentially a web wrapper for WhatsApp Web, the update should come automatically, WhatsApp is rolling out support for video calls in the Android app only it not yet started service for iPhone users. for video calling, tapping the call button or contact card to right slide brings up a dialog box with both voice and video as options. choice is yours ! There may be a version of the app later that flips the switch on video calls automatically. easy to make video call through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp video calling has been an expected addition to the WhatsApp app since its voice calling function went live in March 2015. it new Whatsapp feature supported for KitKat, Honey Comb, Ginger Bread, Lollipop, Jelly Bean OS only. WhatsApp developers released WhatsApp web version followed by voice calling now it working fine. WhatsApp Video Calling feature also provides an option to mute the call. You can even switch between the front and rear camera on your phone Just like IMO, Skype services.

To Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature Just Go To Google play store Update your WhatsApp.

Whatsapp New Features & Services:

Tag Option: WhatsApp group conversations making it easy to chat/reply for particular person through tag option it works like retweet option from twitter platform. now more easy for talk to particular person in groups. you will get notification when person responded on your tag post.

Image Editing Image: after hike, facebook now WhatsApp also gives photo editing feature, beautification, add effects. it service feature help to make more beautiful our image. previously it service available in snap chat only. it will appeared on right corner of your screen. you can enable edit option before you send images. one more feature you can add emoji, funny texts, stylish fonts on the images. this service now available on facebook messenger



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